Random Simpson Pics
Mimi, Papa John, Mom
(Connie), and Jamie came out
to visit Dianna in 1997.
In May of '98, my grandmother,
Mimi, had to undergo emergency
brain surgery. It was scary for
our whole family, but she is one
tough lady, and came through with
flying colors. I was so freaked
out I got a plane ticket the day
of the surgery and was out there
to help her when she got out of
the hospital. She had the surgery
on a Wed. and was home that Sat.
The brain is an amazing organ.
Jamie's graduation
January 12,
2004. Dinner at
the Village
Once again...crazy technology.
We were visiting my family on
Easter weekend, and I snapped
this photo with my camera phone.
Then emailed it to myself so I
could put it up on our website. I
LOVE technology!!!
This is my aunty Cathy & uncle
Perry rafting down the Ocoee
(I've done this same river when I
was in highschool). Anyway, they
are the two in the front of the
Amanda and James made it out
here for a college friend's
wedding, but I was fortunate
enough to get to spend some time
with them too!
Here we visited an oxygen bar
in Breckenridge.
Blake Marthe (Andrea & Chad's
little one) was born in September
2004. This is my first meeting
with him in November 2004.
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